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SWWAT was created in 2008 by local riders who, like most adventure seekers, love the outdoors. We have a vision to create a safe and fun outdoor experience for everyone. We created this club as a group of friend's that enjoy all facets of off-roading.
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 Yacolt Burn Planning Committee

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PostSubject: Yacolt Burn Planning Committee   Yacolt Burn Planning Committee Icon_minitimeDecember 6th 2008, 12:34 am

The committees last meeting is December 17th.
They have come up with a plan to request 45 miles of new motorized trails to include: Single/double track, ATV, small wheel base 4x4 tracks, and large full sized 4x4 tracks.
Also an additional 45 miles in the future after he first 45 is built and maintained.
Miles of trails will consist of a beginners section, to advanced sections.

There will also be 17 non-motorized trails

2 1/2 miles of mountain bike trails.

This request will cost about 4 million over a ten year period.
There will also be a designated shooting area, or buffer zone. Right now the DNR has no rules on shooting areas, but the forestery service WAC says you CANNOT shoot across, down, through, or over any trails. and they require a 1000 foot buffer from trails and rec areas.

DNR will be updating there WAC to say the same Absolutely NO Shooting 500 feet from trails. This will be implimented early next year.
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Yacolt Burn Planning Committee
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